Projects >> Apartment Building Sasinkova 21, 2019
Apartment Building, Sasinkova Street
21 Sasinkova Street, Bratislava
Kornel Kobák, Peter Vitko
Apartment building Sasinkova 21 is located near the city centre of Bratislava in a vacant lot on Sasinkova street. The building is a new housing development supplemented with commercial spaces and two levels of underground parking. The architecture is closing up the structure of the block and creating a counterpoint for the adjacent huge solitary building. The parterre of the building deflects on the corner creating a covered entrance formed through the own structure of the building. The corner on the highest floor is composed in a tower-like manner. The whole façade has a simple and modest design. Despite its small scale the house is a suitable completion of a vacant lot of the city block. Photographer: Tomáš Manina