Projects >> BCT2 Kosice, 2017
Competition - Business Centre T2
8/A Moldavska Road, Kosice
Kornel Kobák, Peter Vitko
The new office building BCT2 is located in Košice. It is the second development phase of the facility. The project is characterized by a simple elegance of forms and contemporary look coupled with an efficient floor plan. The building was designed as a compact seven-storey volume in the shape of an unfolding Z. Its side façade consists of a regular raster of strip windows and sills. The front façades are fully glazed, acting as oversized ingresses into the building´s inner fabric. The non-rectangular design creates a pleasing effect of a relaxed flow of mass in space. The tilted main façade and the parterre with the unique columns are further refining the subtle architectural composition. Photographer: Martin Pitoňák